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Sex and Relationship Therapy

People seek Sex and Relationship Therapy for many reasons:  they want intimacy to be more fulfilling, they are ready to make a change in their life and relationship, they struggle with being in love, they want to feel comfortable having a sexual discussion with their partner, they want to take action to help their relationship and themselves, rather than letting it go.  If you are looking to enhance your relationship or are suffering in anyway regarding intimacy or self esteem, we will work together to improve the quality of your life.  My clients have seen significant gains in their lives, on a regular basis, through Sex and Relationship Therapy.

Research points to the health benefits of a loving sexual relationship.

• Less stress, better blood pressure
• Boosts immunity
• Burns calories
• Improves heart health
• Better self-esteem
• Deeper intimacy
• May help reduce pain
• Better sleep
• More ejaculations may make prostate cancer less likely
• Stronger pelvic floor muscles


• Communication has been identified as the underlying problem that prevents couples from achieving deeper levels of sexual intimacy — a thorough review of current patterns of relating will be explored.

• Psychological and behavioral responses to your partner can lead to a vicious cycle of increased sexual uneasiness, distance and conflicts. This in turn leads to a lower frequency of sexual encounters, less time spent together and lack of communication between partners in a relationship. Early childhood experiences can be the root cause of adult sexual dysfunction — sexual history is taken to determine early family patterns of dysfunctional forms of relating.

• Poor physical health and lifestyle choices can impact sexual activity — a collaborative assessment will be made to determine needed changes in exercise and nutrition.

Consideration when Seeking Treatment

• Has a thorough medical examination ruled out physical issues?
• Do you feel a diminished sex drive?
• Do you feel emotionally and intimately disconnected from your partner?
• Do you feel as if you are living with your roommate instead of your lover?
• Is the quality of your relationship with your spouse/partner impacting

   your ability to sexually connect?
• Are you feeling sexually inadequate?
• Do you feel safe enough with your partner to share your dreams or

   fantasies about your relationship?
• Do you avoid initiating sexual activity due to shame or embarrassment?
• Are you able to share your performance anxieties with your

• Did you or your partner have an affair that is affecting your relationship?

Couples: Please click HERE to fill out attached Psycho-sexual Development Examination and bring with you for your first appointment. 

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