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RELATIONSHIP BOOTCAMP - Relationship Fitness Training for Couples

RELATIONSHIP BOOTCAMP - Relationship Fitness Training for Couples (RFTC) helps you grow your good relationship into a stronger, more resilient, and joyful one. As with any physical fitness program, there is A LOT of room for improvement between status quo and being in top shape.  RELATIONSHIP BOOKCAMP for couples offers you the experience of having a personal trainer to support your growth as a couple, physically and emotionally.  


Make 2015 the year your relationship kicks into high gear! Next workshop - Contact Dr. Beiter for more info!

With an individually designed RFTC program you may experience:

• Experience pleasure, fun and intimacy while investing in what is most

   important to you

• Build on your unique strengths as a couple

• Strengthen your bonds as a couple

• Transform your feelings to promote a healthy relationship

• Learn new exercises to “stress-proof” your relationship

Looking to refresh and recharge your relationship?  RELATIONSHP BOOTCAMP -  couples workshop.  

Learn tips and tools that last a lifetime. 

New workshops coming soon!

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This program is for anyone in a serious committed relationship who is willing to commit time and effort to keep it fit and/or get it in shape or dares to take their relationship to a new and exciting level. The program is centered around connection as a way to build, sustain and maintain deep physical and emotional bonds with your partner.

RFTC was developed with input and feedback from the couples I have seen during my years of practice. Many couples talked about how good it was in the beginning of their relationship but that it ended up becoming more of a routine with a trusted friend or roommate. The idea of a fitness model seemed like a natural and logical way of thinking about how to make a relationship stronger and better insulated against life’s forces.

I challenge anyone to think of any facet of their life where there is no need

for effort or refreshment of skills and/or abilities. 

Think about your life as a student, worker, athlete, hobby enthusiast, etc. - you will always be working to improve yourself.  However, when it comes to the one aspect of your existence that is far more important than any other, that being our relationships, we do not necessarily consider putting forth the effort to improve, enhance and it make better. Too many people think that the relationship should run on its own and not need much effort – try that attitude with your car – try not putting any gas or maintenance into it and see how far you will get. From a simple mathematical equation think about how much money you spend on a tank of gas for the week and consider if that is how much you are investing in your relationship – if not, then why not?

There is no magic pill; fitness requires a daily energy investment!

What is important about strengthening your relationship?

As a metaphor, think about any physical fitness-training program that you either participated in or were familiar with enough to understand the concepts and goals.

For example, if you hire a personal trainer chances are you are looking to develop a routine to possibly build muscle tone, definition or stamina. You may be looking to just get better in your sport or simply improve your performance. There have always been programs created for these types of physical, sporting endeavors but very few have been created with the relationship in mind. If you think about it and the research clearly demonstrates it, the most important aspect any individual will experience in this life is their ability to relate and get along in their relationships. This program is, therefore, designed to create a framework which each individual couple can customize to their own particular needs and either begin to develop or strengthen core aspects of their relationship in ways that are pleasurable, fun and intimate.

As you think about the “shape” of your relationship now – how might you describe it?

And if you were going to a gym to get in shape – what areas would you most likely want to concentrate on? If you want to take a holistic approach then I suggest looking at each of the spokes and deciding what it is that you need to focus on. It turns out that our relationships need exercise in much the same way our muscles do. Most importantly, a successful fitness program should constantly modify and enhance the games you play to build on the strengths you are developing--much like an effective exercise routine requires you to increase resistance and vary your muscle use. Let’s face it, we get into shape to not only look and feel good but also to help prevent us from getting sick and to better handle stressful life situations.  In turn, we increase our quality of life.

Holistic approach based on the

interrelatedness of the following components

• Communication – verbal, physical, emotional

• Intimacy – giving/receiving physically, sexually, emotionally

• Nutrition – eating healthy, hydration

• Lifestyle – exercise, addictions, body image

• Spiritual – love languages, trust, forgiveness [if necessary]

• Environment – surroundings, setting mood

• Education – learning new ways of being together

Questions to consider if RFTC is right for your relationship.

• Do you feel your relationship has gotten stale, complacent or

   feel like you are living with a roommate?

• How would you describe the “shape” of your relationship?

• What do you want to get out of the relationship fitness

   program and what are you willing to put into it?

• What is currently working well in your relationship – in other

   words – what are the relationship strengths?

• What is currently problematic in your relationship or in need

   of strengthening?

• Do you feel connected to your partner or is there a sense of

  distance in your relationship?

Relationship Fitness Training for Couples  -  The Spokes on a wheel

One way to think of this program is to imagine a seven spoke wheel where each spoke can represent one day of the week. 

For example, maybe Monday you choose to strengthen the Nutrition spoke of your relationship by eating only healthy foods and staying away from refined sugars, alcohols, fried foods to snack on fruits, nuts and vegetables. It is in our best physical health interest to keep your bodies fueled with just the right mix of nutrients just like our cars. For example, if your car runs on regular unleaded gasoline, you would most likely not consider running higher octane levels because of the damage it could entail. Our bodies are much the same way; we do not need to “over fuel” them because of the potential damage that we could encounter.

Relationship Fitness Training for Couples is not about dieting but learning to fuel our bodies with the right kinds of foods that affect us in our relationship. For example, if eating too many refined sugars makes you feel tired then it is obviously not a fuel your body needs to operate at maximum efficiency and stay connected to your partner.

Tuesday may be the day you decide to strengthen the lifestyle spoke.  For example, you and your partner can go for a walk, go to the gym or sign up for a dance lesson.  For some, the word “exercise” is as off-putting as the word “diet” is to many.   Consider strengthening the Lifestyle spoke as a way to enhance the well-being of not only yourself but your relationship as well.


As a couple you can choose a day of the week that is appropriate for you

to strengthen a particular spoke.

***Contact Dr. Beiter for the start of the next group therapy session!

Looking to refresh and recharge your relationship?  RELATIONSHP BOOTCAMP -  couples workshop.  

Learn tips and tools that last a lifetime. 

New workshops coming soon!

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